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Embracing Slow Travel, family style

For our first “big trip” Jennifer and Witt travelled overland from London to Capetown by Land Rover. In 2013, four years after our son Quinn was born, we embarked on our next trip along the Pan-American Highway to South America. Now we’ve added Witt’s mom Kathy to the mix as we head to Europe. Join the four of us on our latest multi-generational adventure!

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Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro

It's always a little unnerving when the customs guy spends a lot more time with your passport than he did with anyone else. Jen, Quinn, and Kathy had already been stamped into Montenegro with a quick scan and stamp of the passport. I'd been standing there for five...

Our last weeks in Dubrovnik

Our last weeks in Dubrovnik

For our last weekend in Dubrovnik, we followed the recommendations of our Airbnb host, Dea, and rented a car to explore the surrounding area. Our first stop was a botanic garden set in a beautiful location on the coast just north of town. The last slide below is Quinn...

Mljet National Park and the Elafiti Islands

Mljet National Park and the Elafiti Islands

Last Friday we made arrangements to visit Mljet National Park, which is situated on Mljet Island not too far from Dubrovnik. Because of the ferry schedule, we decided it would be easiest to spend the night on the island. It was supposed to be rainy on Friday and clear...

What is Slow Travel?

This trip is not a vacation in the traditional sense. We are taking our employment with us and working as we travel. Because we have to work, we travel more slowly, spending longer in each place we visit. This makes things like lodging less expensive. We’ve also rented out our house, so we’re not paying for our mortgate and utilities.

Read more about turning your love for travel into a sustainable lifestyle in Jen’s book.

Slow Travel: Escape the Grind and Explore the World

Slow Travel Book

Get Going! 5 Steps to go from Dream to Reality

The moment has finally come. You step out your door for the last time. The planning is done.  The preparation is as complete as you can make it. You’re free. The adventure has begun!

Getting to that point can seem impossible at times. The dream seems distant and tenuous. How do we handle the job, the mortgage, the kids’ school, the responsibilities?